R&D Project Support Services

The Immuno Valley Team enables you to reap the benefits from business-driven partnerships in human and animal health. 

For individual project support, Immuno Valley provides a range of services, covering proposal writing, consortium framework support, and project management. 


How can your organisation benefit from Immuno Valley’s R&D Project Support Services?

Proposal Writing

  • You will be assisted in writing the optimal proposal for your R&D partnerships.
  • You will save time as we coordinate the grant application process. 

Consortium Framework Support

  • You will be surrounded with complementary expertise as Immuno Valley proactively gathers consortia.
  • You will receive up-to-date advice on managerial aspects including consortium governance, confidentiality, intellectual property rights, and consortium and grant agreement preparation.

Project Management

  • You will be guided towards successful project completion.
  • You will obtain customised framework support for all types of R&D projects backed by the vast experience and diverse backgrounds of Immuno Valley’s team members.
  • You will receive the necessary support adapted to the scope of your project, as the Immuno Valley team is experienced in managing projects ranging from small bilateral collaborations to complex public-private partnerships. 
  • You will secure the proper management of core activitiessuch as project administration, reporting, and monitoring.
  • You will increase the visibility of your organisation as we disseminate the results of your project to a large and relevant audience.


Contact us to discuss your project ideas and receive a customized proposal.