Partnership Starter Package

With Immuno Valley’s Partnership Starter package you will be updated on the Immuno Valley network and this puts you in the driver´s seat to spot new funding and collaboration opportunities

What are the BENEFITS of the starter package for my organisation? 

  • You will be a member of and gain easy access to all the contacts in our EXPERT COMMUNITY.
  • Your organization will be represented in the exclusive Immuno Valley PARTNERS ONLY MEETING that will be held yearly during the IV annual conference.
  • You will increase your ORGANISATIONAL VISIBILITY as your logo will be posted on our website and on all IV network promotion material.
  • You will STAY UP TO DATE by receiving our digital newsletter at least 6 times per year, with the latest news on partner events, scientific and business highlights.
  • You will be able to GRASP OPPORTUNITIES even faster through our dedicated e-mails on new collaboration and funding possibilities.
  • You will gain VALUABLE INSIGHTS by attending our webinars on collaboration and funding opportunities.
  • You will receive FREE TICKET(s) for our annual conference and DISCOUNTS on external events via Immuno Valley.
  • You will get FREE CONTACT HOURS of personalized support and/or advice in a 1-to-1 consultation with the Immuno Valley team about current and future activities and opportunities. 

To further EXPAND YOUR BENEFITS, we offer customized matchmaking and/or conference packages to add onto your partnership. For more information on these two options, click on R&D MATCHMAKING PACKAGE or IV CONFERENCE PACKAGES.

CONTACT Immuno Valley’s Alliance manager Schelto Korf for more information on the different Immuno Valley partnership packages.