Immuno Valley Conference Package

To add on to the standard visibility your organisation receives from our PARTNERSHIP STARTER PACKAGE, we offer two options for maximum visibility and customized partnering during our Immuno Valley annual conference. You can opt for both the EXHIBITOR and 2CONNECT conference packages or choose one, depending on your organisation’s priorities.

What are the BENEFITS of the Exhibitor package for my organisation?

  • You will DISPLAY YOUR EXPERTISE in a personal exhibition booth placed at a clearly visible spot at the conference venue.
  • You will optimise ORGANISATIONAL VISIBILITY as your logo will be presented on all communication materials (flyers, program booklet, etc), the conference website, adverts and mailings.
  • You will increase BRAND AWARENESS for your organisation by providing promotion materials to all visitors via our goodie bag or otherwise.
  • You will receive two additional FREE TICKETS for the IV annual conference.

 What are the BENEFITS of the 2Connect package for my organisation?

  • You will have an individual PARTNERING DESK, where you can invite your collaborators and have your 1-on-1 partnering meetings. The desk on which you can place your name or logo will be available during the full duration of the conference.
  • You will kick start your PARTNERING MEETINGS as our team will organise customized 1-on-1 meetings in consultation with you.
  • You will influence our PROGRAM CONTENT as you are invited to give suggestions during the set-up phase, for keynote speakers and conference session themes.
  • You will receive two additional FREE TICKETS for the IV annual conference.  

CONTACT Immuno Valley’s Alliance manager Schelto Korf for more information on the different Immuno Valley Conference packages.