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Human Biotech & Animal Health Summit

Location: Boston, USA

From 12-13 March, 2018, the first Human Biotech & Animal Health Summit will be organized in Boston, USA.

Traditionally, innovation in veterinary health has come from parent human pharmaceutical R&D pipelines. Within an increasingly independent and mature animal health industry, new routes to innovation are being established. There are a multitude of exceptional technologies in the human health field that could be used in animal health, but currently there is limited contact between the two areas – this summit aims to connect the two industries.

Benefits of attending:

- Explore opportunities for generating non-dilutive income, validating and de-risking human research, and maximizing IP assets in our myth-busting case studies of human biotech and animal health partnerships.

- Forge relationships with animal health executives in pre-scheduled 1-on-1 meetings, and discuss research collaborations, deal-licensing and other business development opportunities.

- Discuss unmet medical needs in veterinary health, and learn how the regulatory road works, how the industry operates and which technologies are of interest to animal pharmaceutical and nutrition companies.

- Identify commercial potential in your translational technologies with investors and advisory firms specializing in the veterinary health industry.

For more information and registration, please visit the website.